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Debut Issue! – May 2016

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May Features


Sierrita Steps Up

Sierrita turns around its safety performance while exceeding expectations for production, and dramatically lowering its cost to produce copper.  > MORE


Bagdad says hello to a modern filter plant

Bagdad has new, state-of-the-art filter plant – built on time and under budget.  > MORE

The Dam Stewards

The Tailings Stewardship Team travels around the Company monitoring tailings dams to help reduce the risk of failure.  > MORE

Wildlife and Mining Intersect

From birds and bats to sheep and deer, the Company has a variety of ways to safely deal with wildlife at sites.  > MORE

Closing Openings

Created in 2008, members of the Historical Mine Opening Safety Program help ensure old mines don’t pose new threats to the public.  > MORE