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  • New Smelter Machine Born at Miami

  • Miami Rod Mill Celebrates 50 Years

  • Morenci Tackles American Mountain

  • Safford Combats Invasive Tamarisk Trees

  • Higher ISO Bar for Health and Safety

  • Americas’ Concentrator

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December Features

Unlikely Alliance Combats Weed-like, Invasive Trees

Get an in-depth look at how Safford operations, the Gila Watershed Partnership and the San Carlos Apache Tribe are working together to eradicate an invasive tree species in eastern Arizona.   > MORE

New Smelter Machine Born From In-House Innovation

Miami smelter employees devise a plan and pool their skills to build a replacement for the site’s 30- year-old anode takeoff machine.   > MORE

Miami Rod Mill 50th Anniversary

After 50 years of operation, the mill continues to safely produce copper – melting copper cathode sheets and casting coils of copper rod used by wire-makers and other customers around the world.   > MORE

Morenci Tackles American Mountain

The 6-square-mile area in the Morenci Mining District contains a whopping 5 billion pounds of copper – a third of Morenci’s reserves.   > MORE

Higher ISO Bar for Health and Safety

Better and simpler are two words that describe the company’s transition to a new health and safety system called ISO 45001 from the long-used OHSAS 18001 standard.   > MORE


Learn how the company is using the same workforce at the same mines with much of the same equipment to safely deliver 125,000 tons per day of increased throughput.   > MORE