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August 2023

In this issue, learn how a trio of Cerro Verde concentrator experts helped Bagdad troubleshoot unplanned equipment breakdowns, sensor data is helping to map best leaching practices, historic industrial sites are repurposed into prime properties, and employees work to tackle some of the toughest weather conditions.

Issue Highlights

Bagdad Taps Expertise of Cerro Verde Troubleshooters to Reduce Breakdowns, Improve Safety and Increase Production

Unplanned equipment breakdowns were disrupting Bagdad mine production, so a trio of experienced concentrator experts from Cerro Verde were brought in to help.

Data and Analytics Unlock the ‘Black Box’ of Copper Leaching Innovation

The drive to use sensor data to map the best leaching practices was launched with a pilot program in Morenci in October 2020 and has since spread to other sites throughout the company.

Preventive Care Is Key to Maintaining Good Health

Check in with your doctor on a regular basis, and take advantage of company resources to help ensure you stay healthy and prevent the onset of chronic conditions.

New Approach to Contractor Onboarding and Training Supports Engagement, Safe Production

A cross-functional team of employees is standardizing contractor onboarding and training for consistency across operations.

Freeport Cleanup Repurposes Historic Industrial Sites into Prime Properties

Two historic industrial sites can become productive properties once again, thanks to efforts by the company’s Liability Management team.

Employees Leverage Western New Mexico University Partnership for Ongoing Development

Read how Freeport employees are benefiting from the educational partnership that offers in-state tuition plus a 30 percent discount for employees, regardless of work location.


From scorching summers in the Arizona desert to sub-zero winters in Colorado, learn how Freeport employees work to tackle some of the toughest weather conditions.

miner notes

A spotlight on happenings around the company.

Our Voices

For this month’s edition, we asked employees what they would tell someone who is considering applying for a job at Freeport-McMoRan.