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November 2023

In this issue, learn about the company’s continued focus on safety, work to preserve mining heritage by protecting frontier-era cemeteries, and use of innovative techniques and sophisticated gadgetry to support Leach to the Last Drop and autonomous haulage.

Issue Highlights

Better Coordination and Innovative Leaching Techniques Are Boosting Company’s Copper Production

Leach to the Last Drop is beginning to bring sophisticated electronic gadgetry and data analytics to the process of extracting copper from leach piles.

Henderson Conveyor Belt Successfully Swapped Out After 24 Years on the Job

After almost a quarter century on the job, Henderson operations has retired and replaced a piece of the giant magic carpet that delivers its world-class molybdenum ore from mine to mill.

North America Sites Prioritize Safety Discussions

Dedicated safety discussions were in full swing at company sites in North America this summer as part of efforts to supercharge an already intense focus on working safely.

Bagdad Haul Truck Fleet Transitioning to Autonomous

Bagdad’s haul truck fleet will become fully autonomous over the next three years in a transformation intended to improve efficiency and safety while setting the company on a path to embrace future technologies, including electrification.

Company Preserves Morenci’s Heritage by Working Around Historical Cemeteries

The early miners and their families buried in the cemeteries maintained near the Morenci mine are the ancestors, by heritage and often by blood, of the Freeport employees who work in the mine today.

Red Fox Kit Takes Winning Entry in Annual Photo Contest

The photo of the red fox kit near the Henderson mine was selected from more than 500 employee entries from sites companywide.

As Seen on Social: Joe Herrera’s Retirement Top Performing Post

Miner Magazine is introducing a new feature that highlights the company’s top performing social media posts from the past several months.

miner notes

A spotlight on happenings around the company.

Our Voices

For this edition, we asked employees to tell us their most fulfilling work experience from the past year.