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August 2022

In this edition, read about responsible production and how every employee plays an important role in helping the company perform its work in the most socially responsible manner possible. Other stories include a visit to the company’s cattle ranch near Bagdad, a look at the scorecard used to navigate the underground at Henderson, and an introduction to an app that will help Freeport employees stay more connected than ever.

Issue Highlights

Investors, Customers Demand Strong ESG Governance, but It’s Frontline Workers Who
Deliver Success

Every employee – especially the frontline workers – are vital to achieving ESG commitments.

Environmental Stewardship Drives Operational
Efficiency and Commitment
to Responsible Production

Adhering to external ESG standards and establishing responsible production goals are vital for success.

S&P Global Study: World’s Supply of Copper Needs to Nearly Double by 2035

Electric vehicles, advanced batteries, clean energy generation and enhanced power transmission infrastructure will drive the surge in demand for copper.

Worker Safety Vital to
Maintaining Company’s
Community Acceptance

Worker safety is a core value at Freeport and part of a long-standing commitment to empower people and build resilient communities.

more stories

  • Company Cattle Ranch Helps Protect Bagdad Mine’s Future
  • Operator Scorecard Goes Underground at Henderson
  • New App Keeps Employees Connected to Company, Community and Co-workers
  • Miner Notes
  • Our Voices