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December 2022

This edition of The Miner takes a closer look at the company’s 2022 safety performance and dives into types of incidents, some commonalities and initial positive steps to move forward. Other stories include an introduction to the company’s Leach to the Last Drop initiative, a look at the effort that brought the Morenci concentrator back online and the collaboration enabling Sierrita to best manage tailings dust.

Issue Highlights

Troubling Rise in Accidents Prompts Renewed Focus on Safety

While there are any number of ways to gauge safety performance, job sites in the Americas are experiencing troubling increases across multiple categories.

Leach to the Last Drop: An Extra Mine’s Worth of Copper

Leach to the Last Drop’s aspiration to produce the lowest cost, “green” copper in the world involves extracting those elusive scatterings of copper.

Morenci Concentrator Back Online After Temporary COVID Shutdown

Shuttered in May 2020 due to COVID-19, the Morenci Concentrator is back online.

Collaboration, Diligence Driving Sierrita’s Tailings Dust Mitigation Efforts

Sierrita’s proximity to the community and the greater public visibility that comes with it have made it a seedbed of potential best practices in tailings management.

miner notes

A spotlight on happenings around the company.

Our Voices

Employees answer: “What safety advice would you give to employees with less than three years of experience?”